Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Dinner Party Club: Buenos Noches

Over the past two years- even before Paper&Velvet was a tangible little side project of ours- we started throwing fancy dinner parties with a group of our friends. We soon developed what we now refer to as The Dinner Party Club, a group of close friends that gather together to share good times and food. We always pay close attention to details, attire, food and decor, which makes them extra special. Last September we threw our second fete, and our theme was a summer evening on the patio done Tex Mex Style.
(The Sweetest Occasion even featured this Dinner Party over on their AMAZING blog!)

Buenos Noches, The Dinner Party...
Since our first dinner party was all elegance, sparkle and sophistication, we wanted to go with a colorful and fun direction with our second. Hannah hosted the party on her back patio, which we strung with twinkle lights, paper lanterns and tissue pom-poms. We created a large table out of saw-horses and boards, which we then covered with several bright colored cloths, and used mismatched chairs backed in sombreros and colorful scarves. One of our whimsical touches included using sparkly and colorful bangles for our napkin rings, giving each place settings its own unique touch. We included sparklers in each guests setting, which made for a lot of fun later in the evening after the sun had set!

That summer all the stores nearby were selling Coke in classic glass bottles (and made with real cane sugar- yum!) and we had saved a lot of the bottles from our previous dinner party to use for our name cards at this one. Dollar store pinwheels with name pennants (we made up Spanglish names for each guest) and handmade Shrinky Dink Mustaches designated each guest's spot at the table.

We set up a pinata station for later on in the evening... one of our friends brought quite the little billy club to use on our pinata!
On the back deck we set up a fire pit for later on the evening, along with a s'more station for dessert.
Instead of graham crackers we had homemade sopapillas for our s'mores!

We had chilled drinks in a vintage red cooler from the 1950s, and salsa made with fresh garden vegatables
Lots of fresh fruit to garnish the different drinks at our drink station, along with bright paper umbrellas
....and then we kicked off an evening of fun!
Everyone was encouraged to embrace the Tex-Mex theme in their dress
...and we spent the evening sharing supper, playing with sparklers, celebrating a birthday and having a blast

(all styling by Paper&Velvet, all photography by Emily O. Photography)

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