Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Midwest Wedding Garland Tutorial

Hello lovelies,
Super excited that our 'Midwest&Sons' styled shoot will be featured tomorrow for the Inspired Creations Contest- we'll post links as soon as we can... in anticipation of that though, we're posting a bit of a teaser tutorial of one of the decorations we used for our shoot... enjoy!

Midwest Wedding Garland Tutorial:

-Several stacks of miniature cloth doilies, in varying colors of white/ivory (you can pick these up at craft stores or, like us, discover stacks of them that were about to be thrown away and snatch them up because we knew we could do something fabulous with them!)
-A skein of natural colored yarn
-Large needle
-Starch, iron, ironing board
-a little bit of time

Cut your yarn to your desired garland length. (remember to cut it a bit longer than you want your garland to be, so you have some length to tie at the ends with) Knot one end of your yarn to the needle and start threading your doilies onto the yarn. We wove in and out of each doily at least twice to insure that the doily would lie flat on the string. Keep stringing your doilies (in alternating shades of white) till you read your desired length. Knot the ends to tie off your garland.  You can string a whole bunch of doilies and have them bunched to make a ruffly garland, or stretch them out to create a simple, sweet garland. (what we decided to do) If you stretch them out, we recommend you starch and iron each doily to give them a bit of structure so your garland isn't a floppy mess! And you're done, so simple and so pretty!

(sorry for the iphone photos- we didn't have enough time to make an official photo shoot out of the tutorial!)

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